Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Myrtle Beach bound & an early Easter.

This evening my friend of almost 20 years, Amanda and I will be heading South to Myrtle Beach for a little R&R. The sad thing is-we will only be there for 2 whole days and 2 nights. It better be worth it! I know we will be doing a lot of dancing so keep and eye out for those photos! Lots of fun!! Until then, my lovely mother gave me my Easter gifts early. Not that I was even expecting anything since I don't really celebrate Easter for the gifts or the bunnies or whatever. Easter to me is the celebration of Jesus raising from the dead to prove that He has overcome the world. Yay!

However, this is what my mom gave to me this morning:

She's just too cute and practical. She gave me some embroidery thread! Score!

MMM Chocolate! I totally already ate some this morning. Haha. Whoops. Thanks Mom!

So tonight I will be on my way to the beach! I probably won't post for a couple of days but don't forget to get instant updates on twitter!

Just for fun check out this cute outfit!

I just love lace!

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much love


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