Friday, June 24, 2011

Rained out in Fonda

Today I attempted to set up in Fonda, NY but didn't end up having very good luck with the weather. I suppose God had a different plan. Haha
The "Party on Park Street" is rescheduled for Sunday, June 26 from 2-6PM. So I hope to see you there!

My lovely mother and I made something called Pusties. "Pusties are little, baked pastry tarts filled with chocolate or vanilla custard, and capped with another layer of pastry dough that's brushed with egg yolk. They look like a frilly meat pasty...but, of course, taste nothing like one." - Sal
Click the link for a recipe!

We made some Pusties yesterday and I wanted to share what they looked like with you.

These are chocolate pusties and behind them are vanilla. They are delicious!

Even though the craft show didn't go so well, I thought I would share with you my outfit. Yes, yes I know I'm wearing the same skirt and leggings but oh well.

This is what the day looked like...

On a different note. I booked a one way flight to California today!!! I'm flying out on July 14th which means I won't be selling at the Can-Am Festival any longer. This was very spontaneous but I think that's the best way to do things. I can't wait. I'm going to be traveling with Laurie from DRD Designs!
I seriously cannot wait!! I'll keep you posted.
Now I have a lot of sewing and preparing to do!!

much love



  1. yum, those pastries look good! & i like that doily scarf! really girly & cute :)

    oh & in regards to our sponsorship thing, we're offering it forever! it will hopefully start off at the rates we currently have & the prices will go up if demand does! send me an email if you're interested at all! sylvia


  2. Hi! I loved your outfit on this day, and I was sad that we had to pack up and leave! My husband finally showed up to rescue me and the animals.

    Unfortunately, I had another event scheduled on the day and time they planned for a do-over, so I couldn't come to that. We had an exhausting, crowded, excellent time at the Saratoga Family Fun Day instead! I think the animals were more tired than I was.

    I hope we get to meet at another event sometime!

  3. @Sylvia - Thanks so much! I'm defiantly going to look into that advertisement offer!

    @Jessica - Thank you! I would have loved to hold a snake, I'm sad we all had to pack up too. I'm sure we will cross paths again with all the shows there are to be in! I'm going to look through your site all those animals are SO cute!!


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