Monday, January 9, 2012

January Fun!

Even though I end up working, everyday in my sewing studio I try to take some time to do other fun things. This past weekend I hung out with a couple friends and we went to a hockey game! This is what I wore:

I also attempted to make a galaxy purse by using the tutorial by Lipgloss & Black

It didn't turn out exactly like theirs but I'll still rock it!

I like it! I got the purse from the local thrift store and just revamped it! Woot!

Also I'll inform you that I use my new sewing chair, which I got for Christmas, for a pin cushion. :x

Pretty silly, but it works!

On to the next thing:

This Wednesday night I am going to be in Rome, NY at a everything recycled event!

Check out their facebook page here!

I think this is going to be a fun event! It's only for 2 hours so be sure NOT to miss it!

Also, I am still offering 50% off everything at my Etsy shop until January 31st! Don't miss your chance at this deal!

much love


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