Friday, January 21, 2011

Cold Cold and Awesome!!!

WELLLL HELLOOOOO!!! It was quite the day today. It was day one of the farmers market and it wasn't at all what we expected. Though we didn't actually have many expectations in the first place. The building we are in is literally and old barn. The bottom of three floors has been emptied out and sectioned into a bunch of 10x10 spaces for vendors. It's actually pretty cool! Either way the whole place is heated by 2 wood stoves. One in the front and one in the back. No joke, its super cold in there because even though the stoves are on, they don't have fans on them so the heat doesn't go anywhere. The building is not insulated so that doesn't help. Needless to say we did not have many visitors due to the school closings because of all the snow. It was literally like fricken Alaska outside. We huddled very close to the stove. Luckily our booth was RIGHT next to a stove so we didn't move until we packed up to come home. We intend to bundle up even more tomorrow and bring more food and warm drinks. Oh i almost forgot to tell you that the ONLY bathroom is a porta-potty OUTSIDE...not good. I was lucky and didn't have to pee the whole time, Brit was not so lucky. Poor girl! We met some really great people and heard a lot of really great stories. The guy who owns the building is 76 years old and super awesome. He tells stories that keep you interested and sound like fact, not fluff! I can't wait to talk to him more tomorrow!!! Either way, so far, even though it was cold, it was worth it just for the conversation! DAY 2 TOMORROW!!!! We will keep you informed as best we can!

Be good, be safe and have a super fantastic evening!


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