Saturday, January 22, 2011

Many laughs and lovely people.

Last night Emily and I decided to wear footie pajamas. They were warm and awesome! As you can see.
We watched Hoodwinked, one of the funniest movies, ever.

At the Farmer's Market today we did a bit better. We had some lovely visitors, including Christina whom purchased some Neck Art and a barrette! She's awesome, she up-cycles unwanted furniture.
My cousin Michelle also stopped by and purchased a bracelet and a purse! Michelle is a photographer, she's always looking for new clients so check her out! Jennifer also stopped by with her husband and daughter to support us. We appreciate it SO much!

So overall we had a good weekend and met some wonderful people. I am sure we will be doing the Market again, just when it gets a little warmer. So keep checking back to find out about all our upcoming shows!

much love,

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