Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy Monday!

Heyo everyone! It has been a couple days so I thought it was time to write you! So yesterday Brit told you i have to leave in the morning to rescue my boyfriend from my beyond cold apartment. Indeed! We ran out of propane and he has to dig for electric heaters at 2 the night before. Our land lords (my parents) forbid electric heaters so i had to get right home to get more propane. All is well now. We are actually headed to his moms today so he can drop his car off at the body shop so i will be doing more blogging and posting from there. I also think I am going to do more inventory as well. I'm not sure how happy i am with the current register program we are using. I may break down and start over in a new program. (No Brit, you wont have to do it all over, I have it covered. XO)

As we both told you, we had a blast at the farmers market even though we almost froze. Sometimes shows can be worth it just for the people you meet and the things you get to see. We went to a new place and met new people, how could you ever say experiencing something new is totally bad!? We did not get as much done on my visit as we hoped but we did get some more clothing donations which will help a lot. I met a chihuahua who was totally adorable and then loved me so much that he wanted to mark me as his territory...he peed on me! Hahaha, its totally ok because I love chihuahuas, as i have 3 myself.

I had a great time at Brits! We live about an hour and 15mins away from each other so getting together is always a blast. We always make each other laugh till our cheeks hurt. I wanted to encourage you all to make sure that the friends you have always make you feel good inside. Never keep friends around who judge you and who you cant be open and honest with. Brit and i are never scared to tell each other how we feel. Some people believe in "brutal honestly" i don't think things should come down to "brutal" anything. Just be good to your friends and they will be good to you. If not, move on but always look inside yourself and ask "what could i have done better." Friends = Love.

Ok, that's all for today. I hope i didn't bore you that much! Be good, Be safe, HAVE FUN!!


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