Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Update!

I am leaving to go to dinner soon but I wanted to give you an update. I think I have found a possible solution to our POS program problem which is always exciting. Brit was working on some show applications that need to be sent out, last I heard. We may have a show update for you guys as well. For people in the Syracuse/Rome area we may be at the Rodmill indoor flea market. We are going to check it out this weekend I believe. We will continue to keep plugging away and making things better and better. Stick with us, we need you! Tell your friends about us and keep us posted on what you guys like and don't like! We would love to hear what you all think!



  1. Let me know when and where in Rome...I work in Rome so maybe I can drop by on my lunch.

  2. We surely will! I'm so glad you keep up with us! Thanks again!


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