Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hopeful Sunny Day

Hello all!

I hope everyone's Sunday is going swimmingly. Emily left this morning to rescue her boyfriend who was waiting for her (and his dog) in Em's cold apartment. I went to church and had a very pleasant morning!
I think today I will be doing some more sewing. Some wonderful people have donated different clothing so we can up-cycle them so I can't wait to get started! Don't worry, there will be updates! I am getting excited for this coming Spring and Summer. There are SO many shows we want to do. As far as we know right now, the next one will be March 5th at the Rensselear High School. More details to come. In the next few months we may also be in a fashion show in Little Falls. Again, more details to come!
Be sure to keep checking back because there are a lot of new exciting things happening for us and so many people that are supporting and encouraging us. We feel so blessed! So thanks again to everyone who follows us and likes what we do. We love you all!!!

OH and I just got this new great CD you've got to check it out. I love many different types of music ranging from Lady Gaga to many Christian artists and 40's tunes! Anyway if you're looking for something super encouraging check out The Afters.

Until the next blog!
much love,

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