Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Show me your Teeth. ;)

Brit has given you the update from her neck of the woods. As I wait for my Hot chocolate to be ready, as it is MY version of coffee, here is my update. After some much needed sleep I can Tell you that along with trying to make the new POS program work, I will be shcoffing (See an episode of Bitchen Kitchen for the definition) down Vitamin C all day. COME ON IMMUNE SYSTEM!!! Stupid winter sickness. There is plenty to look forward to today though! I know Brit will post all her new digs today which I am excited for as well! I am sure she would post them quicker if someone requested it. ;) You guys can get us to do a lot if you ask! I really hope I can get that program up and running so I can get some stuff done here. I think I can get some sewing done today now that Brit has lent me one of her machines. THANK YOU BRIT! So I will keep you posted on everything. There was a rumor that we are getting 3ft of snow tonight but i haven't looked at the weather report yet. If this is so, I will be off to Aldis for some much needed groceries. Maybe a good ole bottle of sparkling cider?!?! (Brit and I LOVE this stuff as we don't drink alcohol very much anymore.) It is on sale now because they only carried it for New Years and Christmas. 1.59 a bottle!!!! WOOT WOOT!! Besides all that, everything is good here and i might take Brits lead and put some dancey dance music on and hope I snap out of the dreaded winter sickness fog! I hope you are all healthy and happy!

Be good, be safe, stay warm and have an AWESOME ZB DAY!


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