Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday is a workday.

SO I know a lot of folks may have this day off from any type of work. It is after all the day of rest right?! Thanks God! Heehee

However, I am still working! I went to a worship service this morning and as soon as I returned I started sewing! I think this weekend has been pretty productive. Though Emily is still under the weather, I'm pressing on. I found out about a few more shows and plan to send another application in tomorrow for March 12th in Johnstown, NY. I hope there's still space available! I also made a few more items I designed. You saw the outfit from yesterday but I also have a zippered bag and a vest I made today! Don't worry, you'll see photos!!

It's snowing like crazy here, apparently we're supposed to get a few inches. Big surprise. This is Central New York for ya!

Anyway my loves, I am going to drink some warm cappuccino and either design or sew something else.

"you'll never live trying not to die."

much love,


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