Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday oh happy Monday.

Hey all! It has been quite a weekend so far. Brit has filled you in on most of what has been going on so that cuts down my writing. I have all 3 dogs here with me which makes each day so much more fun. It is like having a holiday party everyday between Brit's animals and mine, because my pets are family to me. We are having a really good time! Today it sounds like we are having waffles and tacos! Not together of course! We have started a new tradition where we have waffles for breakfast and tacos for dinner so we call it Waffles N' Tacos! Today IS that day! I have to say I love it very much.

I hope I am not jumping around too much but I'm still waking up believe it or not. Hey, I don't sleep well so i sleep longer and wake up late. Yes, your right, it sucks. I gotta get going with my day here and prepare myself for some breakfast and the days work ahead. I can now cross "blogging" off my list. See! i wake up and what do you know, I'm already working!



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