Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A cold morning...

This morning looks terribly cold outside. Emily and I plan to get some supplies from the craft store today but looking at all the snow blowing around outside I'm not exactly excited about this plan. We are also getting a huge donation of fabric from a family member today. We don't even know what everything looks like, or even what type of fabric it is but we're pretty excited!

I'm watching the weather channel right now and it makes me so disappointed...I just want it to be summer, it's been cold and snowy for TOO long in my opinion. Oh well we can't do much about that.

Moving on....Em and I did a bit of sewing last night. She was making a romper and I was making a vest. Neither one of us finished yet but I'm sure we will today.

Well my loves, I am going to finish my coffee (my first cup at least) and start the day!

This photo was taken when it was WARM outside. I miss the warmth!

much love,


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