Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Shredding a tee.

SO thanks to Lipgloss and Black and a referring blog I learned how to shred a t-shirt. I know this may sound really odd but I think it will be a really interesting and cool look. Check out what I've done so's extremely tedious.

So maybe it doesn't exactly look like much but trust me it'll be sweet when I'm done.

I also wanted to share a photo of my adorable dog.

I don't know why she sleeps in such odd ways. For a big dog she can surely curl up into a small ball. Haha.

Also check out this new 2 finger ring I got on V-day from Charlotte Russe.

Emily got a matching one too! Score!

Anywho, I have some more shredding to do.

much love,



  1. YAY! It takes FOR.EV.ER. doesn't it?
    you can kinda speed it up if you figure out a certain way of pulling though! (if you notice those vertical threads that kinda stay in place, yank on those & they will unravel larger rows at once. (OMG WHAT DOES THAT EXPLANATION EVEN MEAN?! lol) I think a video tutorial might be necessary for that.

    Anyways, good luck with it! & don't be afraid to go nuts. the first couple that I did & thought were super ugly were ones that I was afraid to shred too much of.

    Thanks for always following & commenting girlies! talk soon, xoxoxo

  2. YES it does!!! I am still working on it! But I'm sure I'll post pics when I get more done!
    Your explanation kinda makes sense?? Hahaha I'll try to make sense of it at least.

    Thanks for your support!! :)



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