Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Frolic.

So this morning I headed up to Emily's to have a nice dinner date with her! There's nothing like having a day completely dedicated to throwing it in a single person's face they he or she is single. Oh well, either way, I was happy to have Emily to keep me company this day.

We got dolled up and headed to her local mall to check out all the great stores here in Albany. Then we went to dinner at this great place called The Standard. Great atmosphere, nice people, not to mention the fact that we probably heard Frank Sinatra at least 5 times while there-Emily says:"Not that we're complaining!" We made sure to take some photos!

Emily's favorite find at Forever 21.

Brit's favorite find at Forever 21...Neither one was actually purchased

Though our shoes may be nice, our feet were not happy.

Minnie Muse ring, last chance find from Forever 21. First made famous by Syl and Sam of Lipgloss and Black

And Brit's double snake ring from Charlotte Russe

Emily's glass of club soda is almost bigger than her head!

Brit says "deuces" as her wine goes directly to her belly.

Brit's Veggie Burger.

Emily's Crab Cake's

After hardly finishing our dinners we decided it was a good idea to get dessert.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

Emily's cute outfit.

Neck Art by Z.B.
Top and sweater by "Vintage" Hollister
Orange Tank and leggings by Wet Seal
Asymmetrical Skirt by Z.B.
Boots by Target

So maybe these photos seem out of order but give me a break, I'm working with a lot here. But at the very least you get to look at tons of pictures!

Brit's outfit!

Long sleeve black tee by Z.B.
Vest by Z.B.
Gifted elephant necklace
Sequence shorts by Charlotte Russe.
Tights stolen from mom.
Heels by Nine West

Overall we had a very fun day and even though Valentine's Day can be sad for some people, always remember the ones you love because chances are, even if you don't have a significant other, you do still have loved ones. Family, friends, co-workers, pets(aka family)! So we hope you had a chance to spread some love today!

much love and XOXO

Brit and Emily


  1. GIRLS! love all your pics! I'm really glad to see the blog picking up & the formatting changes look great too! your v-day looked so so fun :)

  2. I'm glad you like!!! :) And yes our v-day was more than fun!!


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