Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Fashion Love.

Happy Friday my wonderful followers!

I love H&M clothing. It's so lovely and so inexpensive. One of my friends and I went there a couple days ago (that's where I was wearing that lace top in my last post). We tried on a lot of different clothes but ended up only getting some workout pants. Kind of sad but I find it so hard to buy clothing when I can make it! Oh well, these are some lovely dresses from H&M's Spring collection.

I will be sewing all day today, getting my inventory up for all the upcoming shows! Plus I will have another lesson from my business class. I love having these busy days!

Also I got my hair cut! I will post a photo later. It's pretty short but I like it. Hopefully I can do more with it now, I'm so bad at doing hair which is why I decided to get it chopped.
Alright my loves off to sew!

much love


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