Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Thrifty Tuesday

Today I did a little thrift shopping! Lots of fun, fun, fun! I found a calculator with a receipt printer which I think is going to be pretty helpful. Mostly 'cos I'm so bad at math and with this I won't have to do much math! Score! I also purchased a little black dress and a black lace shirt that I plan to make into a vest. I am just loving vests lately, I can't get enough!

Driving with some sweet rings and aviators!

Nasty looking Central NY. Sad.

My thrifted dress and lace shirt, soon to be vest. 

I am convinced that wearing black and brown together is OK. What do you think?

Now I know you can't see the brown perfectly in this photo but I think black and brown can, indeed be worn together!

When I bought this dress I was worried I wouldn't have a place to wear it because it's so fancy. Then I realized, why can't I just dress it down and wear it in a casual setting?! This is fashion baby, I can do what I want!!!

I threw on the Batman Cut Tee and wah-la! Casual wear!

Over all I had a really great day just wandering and hanging out! Good times!
Tomorrow I have another lesson from my arts and crafts business class and more craft show prep. I'm pretty confident with all that I have done though. I don't have much more to do. It's nice to be stress free.

much love



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