Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It smells like Summer

Today my wonderful Mother and I had some bonding/pampering time. This is a big deal because she rarely does anything for herself, and I mean anything. So I convinced her that it was a good idea to get pedicures and our hair done! I am also guilty of not doing anything for myself and a pedicure is a big step for me. In fact today's pedicure is probably only my 3rd in my lifetime. I just don't like spending the money. Anyway, check out my toenails, I asked them to paint my logo on them!

We also ate some watermelon, a sure sign of Summer!!

I've never been any good at cutting watermelon, I just sort of go at it with a knife and eat chunks of it off the knife. It's so delicious.

We also got our hair done. I like mine a lot. It's not too terribly different, mostly just shorter in the back. What do you think?

I know you can't see it all that well, maybe I'll post more later of a better angle. Mostly I just wanted to show off Mama again.

much love


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