Friday, April 29, 2011

Rochester Bound.

Good morning all.

This morning I am preparing to start my travel to Rochester for the Mayday! Underground Sale! I couldn't be more excited! A little getaway all by my lonesome plus an awesome show to sell at!? What could be better!? I am staying in a quaint hotel, by quaint I just mean the cheapest, non insect infested place I could find. Haha.
Either way, I am ecstatic for this trip. I plan to leave about noon so I can get to the hotel and relax all evening, hopefully in the pool or gym...if it has either. I haven't even checked.
I am also so happy about my new hair. I took a few more photos like I promised.
Check it out!!

It's longer on one side.

This isn't the greatest photo but I think you can tell mostly what my hair is like. It's really short in the back which is great for summer!

Once again, don't forget about Mayday! Underground this Saturday!!

Can't wait to see you there!!

much love


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