Monday, May 2, 2011

Busy day!

Today I had some errands to run and a dentist appointment. I apparently have to get my wisdom teeth ripped out and I'm not very excited about it. They are starting to bother me though and according to my dentist they are growing in sideways, (pointing into my other teeth). So this means if they grow through they will start to make my teeth crooked; now considering the fact that I never had to have braces to get straight teeth, I don't want to need them. Therefore, my wisdom teeth need to go.

Have you gotten your wisdom teeth removed? Did it hurt?

I also did some Mother's Day shopping and business shopping too! I finally purchased a hand truck/cart. It's going to help SO much. After the Mayday! Sale I was so tired out it became obvious that I needed to get one. I got a good deal too at Harbor Freight. I look forward to having that!

I have to blog more about Robert Frank.

His work just blows my mind. He is so talented and I just have share more.

I purchased a print of this from him:

You have GOT to check out all his other work. Go to him facebook page, blog, and online shop!


much love


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