Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May!!

I had a great time at the Mayday! Underground Sale! Met a lot of great folks including this great artist - Robert Frank. I bought a few things from him. His work is just SO amazing!

My booth space was great, I requested to be near the restroom so that people could try items on if they wanted to and that's just where they placed me. It worked out really wonderfully. Quite a few lovely ladies tried items on which was so exciting for me. It just makes me so happy when people enjoy the work that I have done. Here are a few shots from my travels.

The hotel room

Me in the hotel!

The tall building is where the show was at. Super sweet!

A great open layout.

My booth (1)

My booth (2)

This is the woman's bathroom. Soo super sweet.

On the drive back.
I was bored....

I had a really great time and I thank everyone who came out to support me! I love you guys!!! God Bless!!!

much love


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