Thursday, November 17, 2011

Eco-friendly Gift Idea - #1

I have decided, very randomly, to do little segments on Eco-friendly, DIY gift ideas for this coming Christmas season! I will probably do one a week so stay tuned for fun ideas!

Today, I found an awesome memory scarf idea.
As a kid, or an adult, we tend to get tees with our favorite characters, brands, super heroes or whatever other graphic on them. This tutorial found on teaches you how to make a scarf from your favorite tees, whether from your childhood or adulthood. It's a great way to show off your favorites in a fun and Eco-friendly way!!

Find craftzine's full tutorial here.

However I wanted to show off what I came up with:

I know you can't see the scarf too much but Mama was just being so cute!

So I started off with some tees. I don't actually have a lot of graphic tees (I've already cut them up for other projects) but I do have some ones I love and didn't want to get rid of.

Then I made a template for the squares. I did them 51/2 inches but you can make them smaller or bigger, however you prefer.

I cut out some squares. (Cutting through front and back of the tee). You can cut out as many as you want. For a longer scarf use more squares, for a shorter scarf use less squares.

Pin and sew together squares. Using ONLY one side of the cut out square.

It should look something like that.

Now do the same thing with the second set of squares (the back of the tee). Pin and sew them together to get something like this:

It doesn't have to be perfect, in my opinion, it's more fun if it's not anyway!

Next - Pin and sew both strips together leaving one end open.
Then turn it inside out and you should have this:

With an open end:

Turn raw ends under and sew.


Now you can give your loved one a scarf  he or she can carry memories with all winter long!

Stay tuned for next week's Eco-friendly gift idea!

much love


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