Monday, November 21, 2011

Sauquoit Valley Show!

So I have to be honest about the SV Fine Arts and Crafts Show...I was terrified. Everything felt like such a big deal. We all had assigned unloading time, 'Exhibitor' name tags, and even a continental breakfast each morning!
In the early hours things were so slow for me I questioned if I even wanted to be there. I was so discouraged I can't even express it! (this is sad, right?)
Anyway, in the end I did do well, had lots of fun, met some great folks and even made some friends. It's hard sometimes when doing craft shows because I put so much into them. My heart and soul is in all my work and when it feels that I am being rejected it's totally disheartening.

On a good note, check out some pics:

My booth, Day 1

My booth, Day 2

The name tag!

I hope to see some new followers after this show!

Up next:

The IGS is an amazing show so don't miss out!!

much love


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