Monday, November 28, 2011

Eco-friendly Gift Idea - #3


Giving someone candles is always a good way to go, especially for the people on your list that seem to have everything. Most people enjoy the romantic light which the candles emit. They are calming when placed near a warm bath and always set the mood for a romantic dinner.

An easy and fun way to make them is with old crayons or old, used candles that can no longer burn.
This is an easy tutorial on how to make candles using shot glasses and old candles that I got from

Step 1:
Break up all your old, half burned candles into a measuring cup. You may use wax dye if you want to. If you use crayons, be sure to use the same or similar colors so you don't end up with a brown candle..unless you want it brown.

Step 2:
Place the measuring cup into a pan of boiling water until the wax melts.

Step 3:
Watch to see when the wax has almost melted completely so you can add your wax dye. If you aren't using the dye, skip this step.

Step 4:
Cut lengths of wick to fit the shot glasses. You can use a homemade wick but it takes a little time to make. See the steps to make a homemade wick here.

Step 5:
Place the wicks inside the shot glasses. Make sure you only use glass shot glasses or any other thick glass. Put a small drop of glue on the tip, and press that into the bottom center of the glass to make sure the wick stays put

Step 6:
When the wax is melted down, pour the wax into each shot glass, but be careful not to submerge the entire wick.

Step 7:
When the wax is almost completely set, move the wick into the center of the glass and then leave it to fully set. Wax contracts as it cools, so you may need to do another pour of wax after the candle has set.

And there you have it! Place the candles in a bag or box with some bath salts and soaps and you have the perfect spa collection Eco- friendly gift!

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