Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Eco-friendly Gift Idea - #2

So I know I may have said that I would do a gift idea every week but I can't wait any longer!
Today's tutorial is a sewing free, simple and fast way to personalize a photo frame for someone!

You will need:

An old photo frame, any type will work. Craft glue (using a hot glue gun ended up working better), craft paint, a paint brush, and a bunch of random "junk" that you don't really know what to do with.

**You can also be a bit more intentional and find items that remind you of a certain memory, maybe a vacation you and your loved one went on, etc. That way the photo you use the frame for will match the items you are attaching to the frame.**

I used the regular craft glue for the paper I wanted to stick on the frame, but for everything else, the hot glue gun worked better so I suggest going that route instead.

Glue all items on your frame. There is no need for any particular order unless that's what you prefer. Also don't worry about any of the hot glue showing, after the next step it won't matter.

Then with the craft paint and a paint brush, begin to dab any color all over the frame. You can either use just one color or go crazy and dab many different colors all over. Again, this doesn't need any particular order. Have fun with it!

As you can see, I used a couple different colors and I didn't cover the entire frame, I left some spots of the wood showing through. Like I said, have fun with it. Personalize it however you want to.
Use your loved ones favorite colors. You could also skip the painting step all together if you prefer!

Let it fully dry, insert the photo you would like to frame, and you have an awesome personalized photo frame that anyone would love!

That is an old photo of me, I was sewing a dress for a school semi-formal a few years ago!

A couple close ups of the frame.

I hope you enjoy!!

If you make any of the ideas from my tutorials, let me know!! I'd love to see some photos!

much love


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