Wednesday, December 7, 2011

We Found Love - Lace Earrings!

I have never really been that interested in making jewelry; however, on a recent trip to Vermont I was inspired to make lace earrings. As you know, it's hard for me to make symmetrical things because asymmetry is just so interesting. I have managed, though, to make two of the same earrings that are interesting and super fun!

I love the fact that they look like feathers. So they are animal friendly feather inspired earrings! I have also been cutting out different shapes in the lace and made them into earrings.

They are certainly unique!

I will be selling a lot more this weekend at the Indie Garage Sale and they will also be on my Etsy shop so stay tuned!

Also, an Eco-friendly gift idea post coming soon!

much love


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