Thursday, October 11, 2012

Letchworth Arts & Crafts Show

I applied to be a part of this huge event many months ago believing it would be a great opportunity for me. There were about 320 vendors there and thousands of people came through the gates in search of something to buy.
Unfortunately, not many wanted to buy from me this time around. However, I came up with a theory about me and my work and the shows I do well at.

I have learned now that when someone goes to a craft show that is so well established they know what they are going there to purchase. I don't think it's my work that people don't like, I just think they weren't expecting to see that type of thing at such an event. This also means that the type of people that do like my wares wouldn't normally go to an event like this because they too, would not be expecting to see the type of stuff I make there. Therefore, me selling at shows of this size is something I will no longer do.

I knew when starting this whole adventure it would be a learning experience and it has been. There have been times when I wanted to give up but I just love creating things so much that I don't want to just give up on what I love so much.

On a different note, Letchworth State Park is amazingly beautiful.

I couldn't keep doing this without the help of my wonderful mother and you!! So thank you all so much! :D

much love



  1. Hi Brit,

    I'm sorry it wasn't the selling experience you were hoping for, but I am glad you were able to take some things from it and keep your chin up. You're right, owning your own business like that is all about trial and error, and learning what works. It's also about finding your audience and staying true to them. You know there are events that are perfect for you, so pour all your energy into those. I'm proud of you for branching out so much this year, applying to so many new shows, and pressing forward! love you!

  2. I think you are on the right track. Your creations are so cutting edge, much better suited for a younger, hip crowd. I find that indie shows are my best shows. A more open minded people who are looking for something different and unique.
    On a side note: I have been wearing my new scarf EVERY DAY since I got it at Letchworth. I absolutely LOVE it!! Thank you :)


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