Monday, October 1, 2012

Craftacular, cars, and crazy weather!

When I was accepted to be a vendor at the BUST Magazine Craftacular, I was more than overwhelmed. I have always dreamed of selling my stuff in the big city. I was confident that when people in NYC saw my work they would be excited to purchase these one of a kind items. Driving in the city was actually pretty fun. My wonderful mother traveled with me and was a great navigator. Traveling over bridges and in crazy traffic was quite exhilarating and I wasn't the least bit stressed.

When we arrived at the location of the event everyone was really helpful! We received our wristbands, 'Maker' passes, and parking passes with ease and then began our set up!

On Saturday morning the traffic was a lot better and we were able to get back to the fairgrounds very easily.

All ready to go for day 1!

Despite the chilly weather, there were a lot of people around checking out all the interesting events going on at the fair.

I was so happy to have my mom helping me!!

As day 1 came to a close I will admit, I was a bit discouraged by the amount of sales I had but hoped that day 2 would prove to be better.

After having a good nights sleep at our friends amazing home in Staten Island, we were ready for day 2. However, my car was not. When we started our journey back to the craftacular we heard a clunking noise coming from the car...."tell me we have a flat tire." I said. Sure enough, we did.
Thankfully, because my mom and I have learned to change a flat we quickly took off the tire and put the donut on and were again on our way.
Of course, we needed to figure out where to get the tire fixed but had no idea if a garage would even be open at 7:30AM on a Sunday.

After chatting with a parking attendant we were directed to the closest open garage to fix our flat tire.

This was the culprit of our flat. (Of course I still have this lovely souvenir)

Even after all the early morning excitement, we still made it to the fairgrounds with plenty of time to set up and get things ready for day 2!

Figuring things could only look up from the crazy morning, we laughed off the events and moved forward.

Then, the weather laughed at us and decided to suddenly downpour creating a frenzy of trying to cover everything from getting soaked!

Thankfully we brought tarps and other plastic to cover everything and we waited for the shower to pass. Only a few things got wet but I got soaked and had to change clothes. Good thing I had some extras! Haha

Overall our trip to the big city was a fun experience. We met some cool people and sold a few things but I'll admit it wasn't as great as I had expected. I certainly missed my upstate friends at the Indie Garage Sale.

Next time I travel to NYC to sell, it will be somewhere a little more hip, perhaps Brooklyn.
I won't give up on RosMari Brand though because I know there are people that appreciate what I do and I am SO thankful to have that support from my loyal followers!

The folks at BUST Magazine put on a great event and we had a good time there as well as just being in the city.

Thank you to everyone rooting me on during this, I can't express my appreciation enough! You guys are amazing!!

much love,



  1. If there is one thing I have learned with craft shows, it's: you win some you lose some, but as long as you gained something positive from the experience, you can count that as a win.
    I hope to see you in Utica for the Holiday IGS!

    1. It was, indeed, a great experience nonetheless but I certainly can't wait for the IGS! :)


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