Monday, December 10, 2012

Holiday Indie Garage Sale - Great Success!

I can't say enough about The Indie Garage Sale!
It has been such an incredible privilege to be a vendor at the IGS. Everyone involved is so incredibly talented and supportive and I am just so happy to know these people.

Seeing so many familiar faces and folks that follow me and come back to purchase again gives me such warm and fuzzy feelings! I just love all of you so much and can't tell you enough how much I appreciate the support.

It's not as easy as it may seem for all us vendors to keep doing what we do and I know none of us could continue moving forward with our businesses without the support of so many loyal followers. So, thank you again to all of you that keep coming back to support everyone at the IGS.

I was able to get many great gifts for my loved ones (and a few for myself) from some of my favorite artists and some new amazing ones!

Just a couple great items I got for myself. The other items I purchased are gifts so I can't post photos yet!

I am so looking forward to the Spring IGS! Can't wait to see everyone again and support all my friends!
Thank you all so so much and a special thanks to Alison and Rob Kramer for all the hard work they put into this, as well as all the other folks working behind the scenes! IGS wouldn't be such a success without you!
Be sure to follow IGS on facebook and stay up to date with all the fun!

Thanks again!

much love


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