Saturday, January 19, 2013

Team Anthony Ryan

First of all, I'm so sorry I haven't been blogging the last week. I've felt very under the weather. Thankfully I'm almost back to 100% so I have more energy for the things I love!

One thing I love and am always inspired by is Project Runway. For the last couple months I've been watching Project Runway All Stars. My favorite southern gentleman designer, Anthony Ryan Auld, is a true all star. He won the judges over many, many times these last few weeks and therefore, won the whole show! I am so excited for him even though I've never met him, (something I WILL do someday). He is from Louisiana which is what first caught my attention because I love LA! After watching him for weeks I fell in love with his designs and his personality. He seems to be a very humble, caring, and appreciative person as well as extremely talented!

Anthony Ryan and his finale collection
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Photo Credit
These are all photos that Anthony Ryan posted on his facebook and twitter.

His work is just so artistic! I can't wait to one day try something on and hopefully purchase something he designed. That's something on my bucket list! Be sure to follow him on twitter and keep checking in with his amazing work!

much love


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