Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Late Awakening.

Hello All! It's a wonderful snowy morning! I am doing my best to wake up and get moving. I have been very tired by the time i fall asleep which makes for better rest at night but it is always hard to get out of bed. It's even harder when the dogs don't even want to get up. As you may know its pretty snowy outside here and yup, we have some things we should venture out and do. It is NOT the best conditions but well...stuff needs to get done. I'm excited about getting more fabric but I am less pumped about what we have to do to get it. If this helps you get a visual, we are talking boots, sled and trekking through snow. However, beggars can't be choosers so it must be done and we are the ones to do it! ( That was for my cat Onxy who passed last summer, I'll tell you all about it another time maybe.)

To do today: Eat, shower, get ready and dressed, eat, go get supplies, pick up fabric, eat, finish last nights project, finish inventory, eat, check internet sites, eat then who knows. I eat a lot. :) We also have to get together with Jenn sometime this week. She wants us to check out this coffee shop that she raves about. I'm always down to check out a new hot chocolate. It used to be Chai. I am hoping to try some kind of coffee cake or bagel of some kind depending on what they have.

My boys seem to be loving all the space here at Brits. Jack especially loves to be outside. Im sure in the summer he will ADORE all the land here. I know I will. Last summer we were so busy with the wedding, we didn't get to enjoy the yard much but this summer we have BIG plans! I am hoping to get a lot of much needed natural vitamin D. I would like to be able to swim a lot as well. I don't have a summer picture to share i don't think...maybe...let me see...ugh, 20 mins later...forget that. Its impossible right now.

K, have a great day and we will talk to you really soon! I will try and figure the pic thing out.



  1. Agh, doesn't snow just make you so sluggish? I definitely know what you mean. I'm thinking we should just all be bears and hibernate in the wintertime ahaha. Hope you got your fabrics! xo

  2. It WOULD be awesome to be bears! Haha! Sadly, we didn't get our fabrics yet but it's OK maybe we can wait til spring when we don't have to trek through snow for them! much love! :)


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