Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cupcake Wars.

Ever watch it? I have it on right now. Brit and I watched it the other night and were inspired to make some chocolate, peanut butter cupcakes...sooooo good! I ended up having to take a phone call so Brit and her mom made the cupcakes and I got to enjoy them! I just watched someone make a sushi inspired cupcake. sounds crazy but actually looks and sounds pretty tasty. Lately I have become semi fixed on sushi. I constantly crave spider and phoenix rolls. I think I have fallen in love with soft shell crab!

Do your pets talk to you? One of my dogs, Jack does this low growl that sounds like his version of talking. He only does it when he wants something. This time he wanted to be pet and cuddled. He is currently laying across my belly soaking up the love. He hates when I stop petting to type. I am still working on getting some pics on my post. I PROMISE I will have it conquered this week!

Ok, I'm headed to bed. Talk to you tomorrow. BRITS COMING!!!


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