Sunday, February 13, 2011

Still No Pics!

I am just not ready yet! I am getting ready to head out with my mom in a few. Mother daughter bonding time. ya know, shopping etc! Always a blasty blast! Not looking forward to going out in the cold but that is what layers are for. I will do my best to take a pic of my outfit for you all. As of now i haven't a CLUE what to put on!

Had a tuna melt and a peanut butter cupcake for lunch. Super Duper Yummy! Still craving sushi!

I have been thinking a lot about the summer lately and I have been so excited for the warm weather. Except every time I look outside, the wind is blowing and here is still about 3 feet of snow in the back yard. It has been there so long my dogs can now walk on top of it! I am just super looking forward to doing more craft shows and meeting a lot of really great people! I have had such good luck and I know it will continue. I have made so many great friends and I KNOW Brit can't wait for the season to be in full swing. I will be on the lookout for supplies tonight. Send me good vibes on my shopping journey tonight! Ok must go get ready now! Talk to you soon!


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