Thursday, February 10, 2011

Research shopping.

Good morning all!

Sorry we didn't post yesterday, we got very sidetracked. It was a pretty sunny day so it was a nice change from blustery Tuesday.

We decided to do some shopping. So we went to my local mall..(the only mall in the area, and it's about a half hour away...I live in a very small town). Anyway, we wandered in and out of all the best stores just getting an idea of what is in style this season. We got a lot of ideas and I'm excited to put those ideas to action!

I also got a cute pair of sequence shorts that I'm super happy about. I've never really worn sequence anything but I want to branch out a little. Em took a cute photo of me with them on in the dressing room!

Also, last night we took some extremely silly photos with our new double finger rings! (which we decided to test out since we keep seeing folks wearing them).
I hope you're ready to laugh.

We were very overtired and giggling wayy too much about my strange faces.

We did take a sort of "normal" photo too. "normal" as we could be at least. Haha

Overall, it was a really great day yesterday, we needed the laughs. I think we've been too serious for the last few days so it was really nice to just chill out and laugh.

Today we do plan to do a lot of work. We are finally going to finish inventory, we had to pick up more tags yesterday so we're ready to finish we can keep making more that we have to inventory. Haha. I also think we will be doing more work on the website. We will see. Anyway, I'm off!!

much love,


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