Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday....maybe Thursday technically...

Hello all! I am truly shocked Miss Brit has not blogged today! I should make sure she is feeling ok. I am feeling much better then I was. My nose is still rebelling against me but It will soon learn it must follow the rest of my bodies lead and get healthy!

News!!! We may have a new industrial sewing machine coming our way! I will give you more details as i have them. I am planning a trip to Brits this coming Friday. Crazy, silly, awesome times are in store and I am PRETTY EXCITED!!!

I know this is a short blog but its late and I'm tired. It has been a long day and I had to do some shoveling before my body was really ready.

I need some chap stick but don't want to contaminate my good one. Don't you hate when that happens?


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