Monday, April 4, 2011

Rotterdam Mall Weekend Fun.

Hello all my lovely followers!

I promised an update on all the fun of the weekend so this is going to be a big post!

First of all I'll just say that I had a great weekend. Got some good feedback from folks and sold some items too. Plus I made some great friends whom gave me really great pep talks! Thanks Awesome Specialty!!!

Sweet tree out front of the place I stayed.
Ahhhh it happened!

The booth.

Day 1 Outfit

Day 3 Outfit

Heart Scarf

Calming and melancholy drive home.

A bit tired out from such a long (but great) weekend.

Now I have some planning and creating to do for The Indie Garage Sale on April 16th! As well as the donation to Ash from Upcycled by Ash!

much love


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