Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Good Friday!

Ello my loves!

I hope everyone is enjoying life as much as possible! I know I've been very busy these last few weeks and it's not going to slow down any!

I wanted to remind you of an upcoming craft/art show! The Indie Garage Sale!! One my my favorite shows that I do all year!

I also wanted to remind you that I will be giving out these to the first 25 customers!

They are handmade scratch offs! ONE lucky person will win a $25 merchandise credit to be used online or any craft show! There is also a chance that you could win 10%-20% off your next RosMari Brand purchase! How fun is that?!

These scratch offs were pretty tedious to make which is why I only made it to 25 of them for now. I'm excited to see how people like them though!

I have also been making a lot of detachable collars lately. Which can all be found for sale on my etsy shop.

They are really fun to make! I'm hoping people will love them just as much as I love making them! We will see!

Have a great weekend all and Happy Easter!!

much love


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