Monday, August 13, 2012

Chicks Along the Canal

I love this show so much, I can't say it enough!

Great music all day, good food and so many wonderful and creative people! What could possibly be better?!

Some photos from day 1:

New plastic bag filled pillows!

The Rusty Doves
Some friends stopped by to do some shopping!
Photos from day 2:
What I drove behind on my way to day two of the Chicks show! Haha

My mirror :)
I love being a "chick"
I had such a good time. Saw many familiar faces and also met a lot of wonderful new people! This show is sure to get bigger every year! Who would have thought that the small town of Little Falls would be filled with so many creative people from all over the state! Thanks to all the ladies who made this show happen and thanks so much to all the folks who support me and keep me going! Next, I will be at the Clinton Arts & Music Festival on August 25!

much love


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  1. Seems like a great show! Glad you had a wonderful experience there :)


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