Monday, August 20, 2012

Dream of being a vendor at BUST Magazine Craftacular?! CHECK!

BUST Magazine Craftacular is a really big event help in NYC. According to the FAQ's it is very hard to get into because they have so many applicants!

"How will vendors be determined?
Due to space limitations, vendors will be selected on the basis of quality and uniqueness of wares, as well as to bring together a broad variety of products."

"What kind of vendors do you accept?
We’re looking for any and all edible/wearable/loveable/handcrafted crafts and foods you’ve got. They include but are not limited to specialty foods, silk-screened items, cosmetics, knitwear, jewelry, paper goods, handbags, cards and more!"

This is one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me. I really, truly didn't think I would get in to such an amazing event in New York City! It's almost as amazing as if I was showing at Fashion Week!

It is certainly not cheap but as far as the best location to show my wares, NYC was top on my list and I just can't believe they accepted me. I have SO much work to do!

PLEASE check out the BUST Magazine site to learn a lot more about this event! And thank you to all whom have followed me all the way here! Let's do this!!

very much love


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  1. congrats! i am so excited for you. i wish you all the best :)


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